Your body tells the truth about what is happening inside you. Listen to your own body wisdom. Find your rhythm, break up old patterns, release what no longer serves, and open to new possibilities. 


Move in your own way and at your own pace. Breathe. Allow. Let go of tension and stress. Get out of your mind and into your body. Take a (safe) walk on the wild side. Discover the joy and energy that comes with movement. Have fun. Feel your power and vitality. Play with your creativity. Find your roots as well as your lightness of being. Be gentle with yourself. Listen to your body. Relax into ease and calm. Find your way home. 

There is no way to "get it wrong" even if it's your first time. The more you dance, the more you trust the intuitive wisdom of your body--that inner compass that speaks without words from the deepest part of you.

Current Online Offerings:

  -Scheduled group classes

  -Custom group classes

  -One-on-one sessions




There are many forms of meditation, all of which help ground you in your body through breath and awareness. Some of the practices I'm currently leading are...

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®

A guided meditation of deep relaxation that takes you through each level of your body (physical, energetic, mind-emotional, intuitive) to your deepest self. It allows you to move consciously into your unconscious, where rejuvenation, transformation, and healing can occur. Read more about Yoga Nidra...

Gentle Yoga With Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®

Combining he movement meditation practice of gentle yoga with yoga nidra is a way to ground first in movement, then, continue your journey inward with deep relaxation.

Other Forms of Guided/Silent Meditation

In small groups or in individual sessions, I work intuitively with whatever form of meditation is most appropriate in the moment. 


Current Online Offerings:

  • Online Movement with Yoga Nidra® Classes

  • Online Custom Group Sessions

  • Online One on One Sessions



In the body and in the heart,

there is mystery, wisdom, and power

beyond our wildest imagining.

Everything is possible.


These women's classes and workshops are designed to meet women exactly where they are—to nourish, inspire, support, and empower them in their own heartfelt journeys.

In the space of a safe container, we move and meditate in our own ways, in our own rhythms, with our own creativity, and according to our own body wisdom. There is time to express and share experiences, challenges, questions, and more. 

For more information on scheduling a women's event for your own group or on future workshops, write Eleanor at or subscribe to the newsletter.

Current offerings:

- Movement Meditation and Sharing,

Thursday from 10-11:15 am PT