Stillness At Sunset

"Open to Possibility" was the theme of the 5Rhythms® class I led on New Year's Day. We danced surrendering to the flow, defining intentions and focus in staccato, letting go of what no longer serves in chaos, allowing creativity in the lightness of lyrical, and opening to the mystery of possibility in stillness.

As a ritual for this New Year's Day dance , I brought sand and stones from the beach in a bowl. We each took a stone, named something we were leaving behind, and buried that symbolically with the stone in the sand. Afterwards, we chose a feather from a different bowl and named something we intended to call in, bring in, or focus on in the new year.

Yesterday afternoon, I went back down to the beach with the sand and stones—and all that we released. I asked the ocean to take back all of it and recycle it into something beautiful in the year to come.Then, I carried the bowl closer to the waves and let the water wash everything away.

When the bowl was clean, I sat down to watch the sunset

Watching the waves roll in and out, I was reminded that not only at the end of the year, but also at the end of every day, I finish a “wave.” As one wave ends, the next one begins. I live in this constant flow of beginnings and endings. It takes courage to stay present to the waves both internal and be alert and aware but grounded enough not to be swept away or overwhelmed.

In between the waves of movement, there is stillness—the soft and mysterious place where rest and healing happens, where I ground myself, and where my creativity is born.

In the dance of my days, I treasure more at more this intimate place of stillness.

I felt the quiet of this sunset as nourishment for soul and spirit.

I'm working on new offerings of both movement and stillness.

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