Where Will I Land?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

"It required all the strength I had to be brave enough to follow the invisible into the unknown."

- Michael Singer, The Surrender Experiment

Yep, individually and collectively, we're doing a giant leap into the unknown. I'm rereadingThe Surrender Experiment, a book that shook me to the core when I first read it and now seems like a lifeline. It's a memoir in which the author describes noticing that there was an inner voice constantly talking in his mind, and then, how he went on a quest to quiet the voice. The book tells the story of his journey of surrender—embracing whatever came to him—separating his true self from the commentary in his mind—staying in the flow of infinite love and abundance even when the voice told him that all was lost.

Today, a friend wrote to me, "I'm trying not to fall into pits of despair and hopelessness." I understand. So many people are suffering right now. There is no shortage of devastating news, both personal and in the collective. But to keep from getting caught in the despair, I'm trying to hold that truth along with an opposite truth—that somewhere in all the chaos is opportunity for healing, for self-awareness, for transformation, and for discovering an infinite flow of love and abundance. The only way out is in.

It is hard to stand centered in the tension of this paradox—to feel what we are feeling—not shut down—and still hold our capacity for expanding, growing, and helping others.Dancing in movement meditation is a way to feel and externalize physically whatever is stuck inside of me, whatever needs breath, space, and room to move and heal. It is a practice that allows me to let go of the thinking mind and quiet the chattering voice. It helps dissolve the anxiety about where I'm going to land in the future and trust enough to stay present with what is..

I'd love to have you join me Tuesday (4-5:15pm) in my home studio or Thursday (10-11:15am) through Hamsa Studio ( Details for registration coming in my newsletter tomorrow.

Love, Eleanor

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