Discover a more authentic, joyful, and creative version of yourself.

Eleanor Shannon

As individuals and as a collective, we have jumped into the void of the unknown. How you land after this period of chaotic change will have everything to do with the choices you make now.

Are you ready to become more....

    ...calm and relaxed

    ...energetic to ride ups and downs 


    ...focused and productive

I’ve navigated over twenty years of change and paradox—loss and gain, pain and pleasure, hurt and healing, joy and sadness—and ended up in the most creative period of my life. I’m ready to accompany you on your journey and share the tools and perspectives I’ve learned along the way through dance, yoga, meditation, and Italian natural wine.

Movement Meditation


Listen to your own body wisdom. Find your rhythm and release what no longer serves you. 

Yoga Nidra & Meditation


Stay grounded and tap into new healing energy during this time of heightened anxiety and distancing.

For Women

Classes and Workshops designed especially to nourish, support, and empower women.


Natural Wine


Spice up your distanced happy hours, celebrate a special occasion or just taste wine for the fun of it. I specialize in organic and bio-dynamic Italian wine.


Current Offerings


Weekly musings from Eleanor


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