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Come To Your Senses

Life Coaching Based On Your Own Body's Wisdom

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Are you ready to change your life?

Maybe you are seeking more…. more time to follow your creative instincts, or to travel, or to rest, more satisfaction in your job, or in your relationships, or in your marriage, more healthy habits, more joy and ease in daily life….

Maybe you are seeking lessless stress, less anxiety, less physical or emotional pain, less pressure…

It's all available now. 

Your body intuitively knows the path to whatever you're seeking.


With Eleanor’s guidance and coaching, I learned to sit with fear and difficult feelings instead of running way from them. I also discovered where these emotions—including resentment and toxic feelings from the past—were stored in my body. Even though I grew up in a culture where conformity was more valued, I am gradually becoming more fiercely able to express my strength.

40-year old graphic designer, CA

Eleanor's presence and ability to hold space for me has been invaluable and has given me such safety to understand myself deeply. It's like martial art....deceivingly simple yet so powerful. I'm now fully embracing ease and abundance in my life without much guilt or need to accelerate.

45-year old psychotherapist, CA

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