Weekly classes are designed to help you "come to your senses"...

release, relax, explore, express, connect, create, find joy

by dropping into your body, breathing, grounding, and allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel.  


No prior experience is necessary. I encourage participants to try 4-5 classes before coming to any conclusions about these practices. Wear layers of comfortable clothes. Bring a water bottle, an open heart, and an open mind. 

Classes are on a donation basis. When you register, pay what you can at this time. 


CUSTOM sessions

Custom individual or group work offers personalized guidance as a way to learn faster and go deeper

with the benefit of my full focus and attention.

Together, we can address your specific

themes, intentions, questions, challenges, and path to empowerment, freedom and joy.

Because of the nature of this work, I request that clients commit to a minimum of five sessions.

It's like going to the gym in the sense that one session can't yield significant results.

Begin with a FREE 30-minute consultation. Package discounts available.


Fill out the registration form and email me or request a booking for your FREE 30-minute consultation. 

Suggested $10-20 but give what you can. If you are unable to donate, help by forwarding to friends and family.

Suggested $10-20 but give what you can. If you are unable to donate, help by forwarding to friends and family.


Italian Natural Wine

I am certified at the highest level of Italian sommelier and spent the past 7 years traveling, meeting wine producers, and writing about natural wine in Italy. I offer a natural wine tasting focused on dynamic Italian wines. 

This is another great way to spice up your social distancing! I can't wait to host a fun and engaging evening for you and friends or family.  

How does an online wine tasting work? I will send a list of 3 wines to attendees a week in advance of the tasting. I will ask your price point for the wine selection ($20-30 is my requested price point, though I higher priced wines can be included on request). Attendees will be responsible for purchasing the wines locally -- I have a list of natural wine stores in the US to help you find them and many stores are delivering during this time. We will then convene on Zoom for our wine tasting. The tasting includes an introduction to wine tasting, an overview of Italian and bio-dynamic wines, stories and descriptions about each wine, and plenty of the time for questions/laughter/swishing of wine as you taste. 

You can request an "Italian Natural Wine Experience" with me below or feel free to reach out to me directly at to get started. Our tasting will take place by Zoom (online). You will receive confirmation from me shortly after or I will let you know if there is a conflict with scheduling. If you do not see a time or date that suits your schedule or are concerned about cost, please reach out to me directly at I will work with you to accommodate your needs!  

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